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The Work

We love nurturing brands that give Australians a greater sense of belonging; a deeper connection to the people, places and products that matter in their lives.

CXC Global

Brand Strategy, Logo, Tagline, Icons, Photography, Collateral

To position CXC as a truly global business with operations in 64 countries worldwide. A mature and sophisticated looking brand was required to reflect the company’s market leader status and reputation
with clients.

Project Details

Client: CXC Global

Contributors: Brand Research: Simon Druery Brand Concepts: Simon Druery + Richard Taylor Graphic Design: Jeanne Wu


As a company that prides itself on being a pioneer in our industry, CXC is very happy with the modern transformation that The Ideas Hatchery has given to our branding. Our new visual design is contemporary, striking and represents CXC’s identity.

Paul Chiswick - Corporate Solutions Director, CXC

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