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We love nurturing brands that give Australians a greater sense of belonging; a deeper connection to the people, places and products that matter in their lives.

Freemans Ridge

Estate Naming, Logo Design, Brochure

A house and land estate in Sydney’s south west required branding development. It had to appeal to people in the surrounding areas who wanted to make a ‘local change’ and ‘claim’ their freehold block to build a new start for their families. A range of brand names were developed and researched to ensure the name would resonate with customers. Freemans Ridge was the highest rating and this was then translated into a fresh appealing logo and brand elements such as a bright colour palette and the use of iconic silhouettes.

Project Details

Client: Freemans Ridge

Contributors: Brand Name: Simon Druery Brand Design: Simon Druery Tagline: Simon Druery Agency: Muscle Marketing

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