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Brand Strategy, Logo, Tagline, Website

GraysOnline wanted to create a dedicated wine site to de-noise the offer amongst other categories. A new brand from scratch was required. The strategy involved defining the target audience clearly, then developing a brand promise, personality, tagline and messaging that would resonate while differentiate from competitors. This was then the inspiration for the brand design including logo and graphics. On launch the website delivered an immediate 11% rise in average bottle price.

Project Details

Client: GraysWine.com.au

Contributors: Brand Strategy: Simon Druery Brand Messaging: Simon Druery Brand Design: Simon Druery Creative Direction: Simon Druery Web Design: Firefly


Simon is simply a delight to work with. He has always exceeded my expectations in delivering quality work on time and within budget. Not only is he a talented individual who can precisely respond to creative briefs, but he is someone who will try to understand the underlining business objectives which makes a world of difference compared to talents who are only creatively minded Personable, patient and reliable - he is definitely someone I would recommend.

Rie Kubo - Digital Marketing Manager, GraysOnline

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